Communion dress I'm Venus! showcase at Baile An Chuilinn N S (Muinebeag, Co Carlow, )

Someone in Carlow purchased one of our White “I'm Venus!” communion dresses for the 2018 communion ceremony at Baile An Chuilinn N S (Muinebeag, Co Carlow, )

If you notice the little princess wearing this beautiful White dress, don’t hesitate to congratulate her.

One-Dress-per-school Policy

Our strict one-dress-per-school policy prevents us from selling the “I'm Venus!” to anyone else attending the Baile An Chuilinn N S (Muinebeag, Co Carlow, ) communion ceremony in 2018.

Pre-order the “I'm Venus!”

Please keep in mind that our customers pre-order their communion dresses between 6-18 months in advance. To avoid disappointment, please contact us today and pre-order your communion dress.

Below you can view, pre-book or purchase the “I'm Venus!”


I’m Venus!


Order form for 2018 expired on 15/05/2019 at 1:00AM Please notify administrator ASAP!!!


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We are the first (if not the only) communion dress retailer in Ireland to implement an online "on-the-spot" double dress check.

If the communion dress you trying to purchase was already bought and/or pre-ordered for a particular school, our website will NOT allow you to add it to the cart.

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