• : I loved Skylas dress from Koko Collections.It was so elegant.Its exactly what I wanted.I couldn't of been happier when we choose it.In Koko collections they have a dress to suit ever little girl.On the day everyone was amazed by Skyla.Everybody said omg her dress where did you get it.I loved the staff there on the day .They were so helpful.Skylas dress was rich elegant tasteful and had the wow factor.She loved her dress.I still look back at photos of her on the day in her beautiful dress and we'll have lovely memories for life.Im glad we found Koko Collections.*****
  • : We arrived at the church .I was bursting with pride.She smiled so much in the church .We enjoyed the whole ceremony.She just looked amazing.We took lots of photos on the day as you do.We had an amazing day .I was so happy with everything and it all started when we picked Skylas dress from Koko Collections.So from start to finish we had an amazing day and have lots of lovely photos to look back on.Thank you.
  • : Excellent
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