• : Valy was the dress worn by Daisy and we just loved everything about it !! Every single person asked where it was from and thought it was outstanding the fit and detail was perfection
  • : We had a brilliant day for Daisys communion we had a party in Erin’s isle hall It was fabulous
  • : The lady that helped pick daisys dress with us was amazing so helpful and interested in all we needed
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8 comments on “Daisy Quinn

  1. Melissa Kiernan on said:

    Beautiful 😍

  2. Jess McLean on said:

    Beautiful 😍😍😍

  3. Sinead Abbott on said:

    She looks gorgeous 😍😍

  4. Sharon Gordon on said:

    Daisy was fabulous every thing about her day was fantastic,but the dress no words can describe it was out of this world

  5. Rose Stapleton on said:

    Absolutely beautiful 😍

  6. Louise Walsh on said:

    She was absolutely stunning xx

  7. Jemma Dixon on said:

    Gorgeous 😍

  8. Val Mc Cluskey on said:

    Stunning young lady. Dress is fab 😍

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